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If There's One Salt Therapy Event To Attend This Year, Make It...
STAcon 2022
September 12th - 13th in Orlando, Florida

Leo Previews The Topics and Speakers!

--- Step 1: Select How You Want To Attend ---
Step 1: Select How You Want To Attend
Virtual or In Person 

NOTE: ONLY 25050, 5 seats left

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Experience the MAGIC of Salt Therapy

Times have changed.

The business world is not what it used to be...

For the past 2 years, COVID-19 has impacted all types of businesses and our lives, and has brought to light the IMPORTANCE of respiratory health and hygiene...

Right now, more than ever, those looking to GET INTO THE SALT THERAPY INDUSTRY or ADD SALT THERAPY to their existing business need the RIGHT STRATEGIES to aid in their long-term growth and success...

While existing salt therapy-related facilities, need to develop NEW STRATEGIES to not only SURVIVE, but to THRIVE from what has occurred and remain profitable...

But there is one thing you really need...



Knowledge is POWER...
You Need to Future Proof Your Business!

A Lot of Lessons Have Been Learned Over The Last 2 Years

You Need To Know:

  • How to Successfully Get Started in the Salt Therapy Industry
  • Creative, New Ways to Attract and Keep Customers to Grow your Existing Business
  • A Deeper Understanding of the Medical Benefits of Halotherapy
  • ​How to Boost and Enhance Your Retail Revenue
  • ​How to Adjust to the COVID-19 Economy

That’s Why We Created “STAcon LIVE 2022”

Now More Than Ever...Respiratory Wellness Is Important And Your Business Is Essential! 

It's been an UNBELIEVABLE last  2 years…

Times have been CHALLENGING for everybody...

Some people were not sure they were gonna SURVIVE, while others THRIVED...

Learn from the BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

For those looking for a new business opportunity, as well as those already in the industry, THIS IS THE YEARLY EVENT THAT YOU JUST CAN'T MISS.

If you’ve attended our conferences in the past, WAIT TILL YOU EXPERIENCE STAcon LIVE 2022!

Watch Highlights from STAcon LIVE 2021!

What Exactly IS

"STAcon LIVE 2022" ?

It’s a 2-DAY conference held live in Orlando, Florida, and will be streaming from all corners of the world…

The Conference will once again feature a variety of KEYNOTE and FEATURED SPEAKERS and PRESENTERS, PANEL DISCUSSIONS, BREAKOUT SESSIONS, and MEET THE EXPERT experiences, always with a few new twists and surprises!

Over 250 attended our inaugural 2018 CONFERENCE in Delray Beach, Florida, close to 300 from 10 different countries joined us in Orlando for our 2019 Conference!

In 2020, we went entirely virtual and attracted over 350 attendees.

Last year, we returned live to Orlando with hundreds joining us virtually as well.

Salt Therapy is exploding all over the world and our SALTY TRIBE has now surpassed 3,400 members from 35 countries worldwide!

This is an event not to be missed...we look forward to once again UNITING the worldwide salt therapy community!

The Salt Therapy Experience

Every year, for the last 5 years, the worldwide salt therapy community (our "Salty Tribe") has descended upon Florida to attend STAcon LIVE

But why?


STAcon LIVE 2022 is 2 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from salt therapy and spa and wellness industry experts that have been in your shoes and have turned their businesses into juggernauts.

There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of these sessions. 

Everything you hear at STAcon LIVE 2022 are tested, proven tactics to make you another SALT THERAPY SUCCESS STORY.

You will leave STAcon LIVE 2022 feeling inspired to take your salt therapy experience to the next level.

But most importantly, you’ll leave Orlando with notebooks full of actionable growth strategies that you can apply immediately.


Why Is STAcon LIVE The Best?

The ONLY Event For Salt Therapy Owners, Operators, and Enthusiasts

(The numbers speak for themselves...)

The “World's Largest Salt Therapy Event of the Year”

The ONLY Event That Brings The Entire Salt Therapy Community Together

Choose From Two Program Tracks:
  • Existing Salt Therapy Facility Owners and Operators
  • Those Looking To Get Into The Salt Therapy Business
There’s something for everyone to learn to become a SALT THERAPY SUCCESS STORY.
The “World's Largest Salt Therapy Event of the Year” has attracted worldwide attention. Attendees of our conference are the current and future superstars of salt therapy - action takers and doers - who want to learn the most advanced MARKETING, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, and FINANCIAL STRATEGIES, as well as CUTTING-EDGE CONCEPTS that have yet to be introduced to the industry.

All the TOP INDUSTRY PROS and MASTERMINDS will be there.


You're In A Different Place In Your Business Now...

Which Means...This is The Most Important Salt Therapy Association Conference EVER!!!

Our STAcon LIVE 2022 Speakers are...

Susie Ellis
Co-Founder, Chair & CEO Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit "The Future of the Wellness Industry"

Recognized as a leading authority on wellness trends, Susie is the chair and CEO of the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute, considered the industry’s leading global research and educational resource. She is also co-founder, chair and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit, an organization at the heart of the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy focused on facilitating collaboration amongst industry thought leaders. She sits on numerous academic and industry boards, including the EHL – Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne, the Aspen Brain Institute, the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics, and was also a member of the World Economic Forum’s “Accelerating Health and Well-being Initiative.” 

Dr. John Ryan
Chief Strategy Officer - Allergy Standards Ltd., Ireland
"Trends Impacting Global Respiratory Wellness"

Dr. John Ryan is the Chief Strategy Officer at Allergy Standards Ltd. (ASL) in Dublin, Ireland. ASL is an independent, global certification company that focuses on creating the healthiest possible indoor environment through science, certification, and education. ASL’s management team possesses specialist skills in a variety of medical fields including asthma and allergic diseases. Dr. Ryan is also the Vice-Chair of the Global Wellness Institute's Respiratory Wellness Initiative.

Hensley Ellefritz
Founder & Owner - REBOOT Fitness Consulting
"Building a Foolproof Salt Therapy Sales Process"

Hensley is the Founder + Owner of REBOOT Fitness Consulting, an agency born out of the need for sales-focused, KPI-driven business practices in boutique fitness. She formed Reboot in November 2020 with a mission to bring high-touch guidance and sales strategy to independent wellness owners and emerging franchisors. In the past two years, Reboot has worked with over 100 fitness, recovery and chiropractic brands with 90% of independent business owners recouping their investment within their 12-week Reboot program.

Sandy Abrams
Entrepreneur and Author
“How to Incorporate Breathwork with Salt Therapy”

Sandy is a longtime entrepreneur and 2x author focused on Workplace Wellness sharing 30+ years of experience utilizing the power of breath & mindfulness in business and life. She wrote a book in 2019 called Breathe to Succeed. Sandy has shared BREATHWORK experiences with  Google, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Canyon Ranch resorts, Pepsi, and many women's and entrepreneurial groups, and is a 2022 TEDx Speaker. She’s on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for both wellness & deep, mindful breath at a time. 

Nancy Griffin
Principal - Contento Marketing / Founder  - SeniorTrade Media
"Marketing Wellness to Boomers: How to Target the Exploding Population of Older Adults"

Nancy is a veteran entrepreneur in hospitality and wellness. A recognized leader in the spa industry for more than 20 years, she recently expanded her focus to showcase innovation in senior living and aging services. In 2020, Griffin founded SeniorTrade Media, producing the popular weekly business podcast Glowing Older, the SeniorTrade Brief, and Blog. Senior Trade media features powerful voices shaping the business of aging well.

Shoshana Treichel
STA Facility Owner and Yoga Instructor - Above and Beyond Yoga and Salt Therapy Center
"Learn How Professional Athletes are Getting Salted"

Shoshana decided to become one of the world's strongest women after a brutal attack in NYC in 1986 left her feeling vulnerable and powerless. She began a training regimen to achieve her goal and has not only achieved world records in the bench press but has become one of the world’s most talented figures in Women's Bodybuilding. She has owned her own gym, developed weightlifting curricula at universities, and trained and taught yoga to elite athletes from all over the world. Her clients have included NFL players, NBA players, MMA fighters, and many bodybuilding and physique competitors.

Kim  Carr Swords, BCHHP, CHN, CHHC, AIPCC
Founder and STA Facility Owner - Salt n' Sauna Wellness
"Why I got into the Salt Therapy business, My Personal Testimony, & Keys to Success in this Business"

A health and wellness entrepreneur, Kim is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Autoimmune Certified Coach. By following her own path, and following her gut instincts, she turned Salt N' Sauna Wellness into a thriving wellness studio; winning “Best of North Atlanta” year after year.

Dana and Greg Russell
STA Facility Owners – Adirondack Salt Cave - Halotherapy and Wellness Center "How We Began, How We’re Doing and What’s Next"

Owners Dana and Greg will share their experiences planning, building, and operating Adirondack Salt Cave, while sharing lessons learned, successes and missteps along the way, and the challenge of transitioning from a sole practitioner to managing practitioners. Adirondack Salt Cave is a multi-service wellness center offering Halotherapy, Massage, and Esthetician Services.

Meagan Robar
Head of Experience - Ambition
“The Power of Emotional Branding”

Meagan Robar is the Head of Experience for AMBITION. With nearly a decade of experience in the boutique fitness industry, Meagan is passionate about helping fitness and wellness entrepreneurs build and ethically scale their businesses using a heart-centered approach. She prioritizes building meaningful relationships with clients over short-term profits (#heartbeatsoverbottomlines) and believes most ineffective marketing strategies indicate weak brand-client relationships. She believes in humanizing brands by developing an authentic, trusting relationship with potential customers that will convert leads into members and improve overall client retention by knowing who you serve and why it matters.

Alyssa Springs
Founder & STA Facility Owner - Flow Motion: a Healing Spa & Yoga Sanctuary
“From the Ground Up: Foundational Stability to Memorable Client Experiences”

Having designed, creatively funded, and built-out most of her facility, Alyssa will share her learned experiences from the ups and downs of owning an award-winning yoga studio and spa, so that you can apply them to your business. Alyssa has attended the STA’s salt conferences from inception and has since returned each year for valuable knowledge and meaningful connections.

Pull up a seat as she shares the little details that make a great client experience - including the “big one” that you won’t want to let slip through the cracks. And while the little things are important, what’s key is a stable foundation for your business to rest on and grow from. Alyssa’s main focus will be sharing absolute must-haves, so that you can create more ease and longevity for your business.

Lars Löfstrand
Cryotherapy Industry National Association
“The Art of Hiring Top Performers”

Lars is what’s known as a “Serial Entrepreneur,” having started, owned, and run 22 different businesses. Lars is passionate about business and helping other entrepreneurs and people wanting to be entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a successful business. He is a respected leadership authority, author, talented teacher, speaker, futurist and organizational consultant. Get ready for a daring attack on the way that you look at your work, your life, and yourself.
Be prepared to think out of the box about the things you hold as common sense.

Tammra Reiss, CHHP, CNHP, CHHC, Shape Practitioner, Certified Halotherapist & AEMT
STA Facility Owner & Practitioner - The Salt Room Lake Country
“To Inspire and Inform; The Truth about My Journey and Success in the Business of Salt Therapy”

Tammra never dreamed of owning her own business, but life plans changed as it does for many of us. An introduction to salt therapy and holistic care while life was shifting and changing found her leaving a world of emergency medical services and caregiving to opening her wellness center. She will share the shifts she experienced in her personal and professional life and how opening a Salt therapy business allowed her to quickly establish herself within her community and with other medical practitioners. She will share her intimate journey from beginning to growing, surviving through unprecedented times, and what she's doing to keep her practice thriving.

Beth Jones
President - Float Tank Association
“Adding Float Therapy to Existing Wellness Centers: What You Need to Know”

Beth Jones has served as the President of the Floatation Tank Association since 2018.
She and the Board of Directors of the FTA are committed to serving the worldwide float community by promoting the profound benefits of floating, increasing the use of floatation tanks, and encouraging the growth of the float industry. The FTA funds public education, research, and other opportunities that allow us to forward this mission in addition to publishing float tank standards that ensure the floating public enjoys a safe and consistent float environment. In addition to her involvement in growing the float industry as a whole, she runs her own float centers, Float Spa X Wellness - her franchise + consulting firm, and Beth Jones Wellness - consulting for business, life, and health. 

Donna Caruso
STA Facility Owner - Eleventh Element Relaxation Spa
“How Your Salt Therapy Business Can Expand and Thrive”

In 2018, Donna and her husband Chris moved back home to Pennsylvania and found a real need for more holistic and natural care services in the region. They researched a variety of different options and created Eleventh Element Relaxation Spa. Today, they are the only business offering four services under one roof in that area and continue to grow by word of mouth of their loyal clients.

Monte Zwang
Principal - Wellness Capital Management
“Planning for Profit as We Navigate Our Insane Economy”

Monte, who has been a business and financial consultant for more than 30 years, has presented for the Spa Industry Association and has contributed to American Spa Magazine. He has worked with entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, medical, spa, salon, and fitness industries to develop their business plans, manage growth, and improve profitability.

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM
Owner - Pasco Veterinary Medical Center
“Evidence-Based Halotherapy with Pets”

A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and visionary in veterinary health, Marlene Siegel first became introduced to alternative medicine for pets in 2004. Her interest led her to become a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2012, in addition to her traditional DVM degree. Dr. Siegel has successfully been using halotherapy as a treatment for animals with both upper and lower respiratory conditions.

Craig Ure
Marketing Mastermind 
“Innovative Ways of Attracting & Retaining Customers”

Craig has spent the last 30 years at the school of hard knocks perfecting marketing tactics and proven business-building strategies within the health, beauty, and medical industry. Craig is focused on fixing and providing immediate growth solutions for small and medium-sized businesses leveraging the most advanced internet marketing, eCommerce, and proven integrated marketing tactics and strategies.

Leo Tonkin
Founder and CEO - SALT Chamber / STA Founding Director
“Keynote - State of the Salt Therapy Industry”

A pioneer and visionary with a passion for respiratory health and wellness, Leo was the first to bring salt therapy to North America in 2012. As CEO of SALT Chamber, which has completed over 1,300 worldwide projects, Leo has become a leading authority on the design, build, and installation of salt therapy rooms, concepts, and facilities as a new business and for day spas, med spas, wellness centers, health practitioners, and senior living communities and rehabilitation facilities to add salt therapy to their existing services.

Patti Biro
Owner - Patti Biro and Associates
“10 Retail Trends That Are Here to Stay!”

Author, consultant, spa cheerleader, and coach, Patti may have been one of the youngest spa owners on record. A lifelong love affair with all things spa and wellness began after starting a backyard spa with two sisters in her neighborhood. From day spas to resorts, hotels to medical spas, hospitals, non-profits, and wellness centers have been the target of Patti’s endless energy and insight into creating memorable spa experiences. Retail has been a key content area for Patti and she frequently speaks on retail topics in the gift, spa, and resort industry. 

Allan Share
President - Spa Industry Association - STA Founding Board Member
Master of Ceremonies

A 30-year veteran of the Health and Wellness industry, Allan took over as President of the Spa Industry Association in August of 2010. The SIA is the leading trade association supporting spas, salons, resorts, luxury, aesthetics, medical spas, and more. Allan will be speaking on the positive impact Salt Therapy has made, and continues to make, in the Spa and Wellness industry.

Conference Itinerary

(Subject to Change - Updated 9/9)

Sunday, September 11

Registration - Wyndham Tower - Mezzanine Level - 3:00 pm
Welcome Reception -Lakeview West - 6:00 pm

Monday, September 12

Tuesday, September 13

We're excited to continue our work of bringing you the latest research, trends, new ideas, and hot topics in the world of salt therapy.
Fascinating new topics such as: 
  • ​How Salt Therapy is Impacting the Health & Wellness Industry
  • ​How Self Care and Health Care are Merging
  • ​Promoting The Benefits of Salt Therapy in a COVID-19 World
  • ​How Air Quality Impacts Respiratory Wellness
  • ​Salt Therapy in 2025
  • ​How Salt Therapy Extends Longevity
  • ​How Salt Therapy is Changing Health Care
  • ​How Climate Change is Impacting our Well-Being
  • ​How Salt Therapy is Used by Biohackers
  • ​How Salt Therapy is Mixing with Other Wellness Modalities such as Salted Yoga, Salted Massage, Float Therapy, Cryotherapy, etc...
  • ​And Much, Much More!

Join Us in Orlando, Florida

On September 12 and 13,
2022 For STAcon LIVE 2022!

Who Is This Event For?

Now you might be wondering who “STAcon LIVE 2022” is for…

Well, it’s for what we call our "Salty Tribe".
  • It’s for those who currently own or work at a Salt Therapy Facility who know they NEED to grow their business, impact their customer's lives, and make a difference in the respiratory health of their community.
  • Existing business owners who are considering adding Salt Therapy as a new service. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are thinking of getting into the Salt Therapy business by opening their own facility.
If that sounds like you... then welcome to our "Salty Tribe", this conference was created for YOU!

Now, you’re probably wondering… 

“How Much Will It Cost To Have The STA, And Some Of The Top Salt Therapy Industry Leaders Entertain And Train You For 2 Days…?”

Right now, tickets for STAcon LIVE 2022 are $299 per person for Facility Members
and $349 per person for Individual Associate members and Non-Members.


We want you to succeed! That's why...

Prices for STAcon LIVE 2022 are extremely low and affordable.

Click Below to Register to Attend!

--- Step 1: Select How You Want To Attend ---
Step 1: Select How You Want To Attend
Virtual or In Person 
This is a LIVE event just like our past conferences… it’s happening Sept 12-13th… They are FULL DAYS starting at 9 am Eastern / 6 am Pacific, and ending around 5 pm Eastern/ 2 pm Pacific...

A Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday, September 11 at 6 pm...

We look forward to seeing our Salty Tribe again!!!

Come prepared to learn and implement! 

Do You Have Questions? Checkout Our FAQs...

Wyndham® Lake Buena Vista
Disney Springs™ Resort
  • Reserved Room Block: September 9-16, 2022 (Book before August 19)
  • Enjoy Disney Before or After: Room rate available three (3) days prior to the Conference and post-Conference
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Tower: $125/night + applicable taxes + $20 Resort Fee + applicable taxes (approx. $163 total/night - Booking Information HERE
  • ​Voice Reservations: Call 800-624-4109 (mention Salt Therapy Association)
  • Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista: $99/night + applicable taxes +  $20/day Resort Fee + applicable taxes (approx. $134 total/night - Booking Information HERE
  • Voice Reservations: Call 844-482-8444 (mention Salt Therapy Association)



  • On Walt Disney World® Resort Property
  • Walking Distance to Disney Springs™ 
  • Complimentary Transportation to Orlando Premium Outlets
  • ​Walking Distance to Crossroad Shopping Plaza
  • ​Short Drive from Orlando International Airport
  • ​Complimentary Transportation to and from: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Animal Kingdom Park, Planet Hollywood, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach
  • 2 Lighted Tennis Courts and Basketball Court
  • 2 Outdoor Swimming Pools (Main Pool is Heated)
  • Children's Pool and Recreational Area
  • ​Outdoor Hot Tub
  • ​Video Game Room
  • ​Fitness Center
  • ​Onsite Activities Director
  • ​Regulation Beach Volleyball Court
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